Weird Cisco Command

I found it weird however some of you already know this.

Well if you want to check what is the configuration behind any
file stored in the cisco software,you can check with the
below command.

R1#more flash:[the name of the file]

Or even
R1#more ?
Explore for more options.

We can check the available files with the command:-

Suppose you have stored your configuration in flash:R1
You can check with the command:-
R1#more flash:R1
And the result will display the configuration of R1.This is useful
in some scenarios where you have to upload a config file stored in flash,
but you are not sure which config file has the configuration of your use.

I found it weird because i was checking the Vlan.dat file also in the switch,
although it was in some hexadecimal format,not able to decode,however it is really
amazing command.

You can even check the router ios with the same command:-
R1#more flash:c2800nm-adventerprisek9-mz.151-2.T1.bin
But again there are some hexa stuffs.

You cannot check the Switch IOS because Level 3 switches use ASICs/hardware
instead of the CPU/software that a router would.If anybody plzz share.

Further you can explore to get weird results,happy labbing 🙂