How to do HTTP cache-control modification inside F5 LTM for free

What is HTTP cache-control and why it was relevant to our problem:- One of the most important HTTP header field is cache-control.  And you guessed right that HTTP header fields are components of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) message header of requests and responses. Cache-control specify the operating parameters of an HTTP transaction. And since …

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[IRULE] URI Redirection on F5

Lets start with difference between URL and URI. URL – https://afrozahmad.com/some/page.html URI – /some/page.html URL is the full way to identify any resource anywhere and can use different protocols like FTP, HTTP, SCP, etc. URI is a resource on the current domain, so it needs less information to be found.   There are several methods of implementing URI …

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SSL Offload on F5 LTM

Lets do some  SSL offload on F5 LTM. SSL offloading relieves a Web server of the processing burden of encrypting and/or decrypting traffic sent via SSL, the security protocol that is implemented in every Web browser. The processing is offloaded to a separate device designed specifically to perform SSL acceleration or SSL termination. BIG-IP Local …

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