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1.00    Implement Layer 2 Technologies

(a) 802.1d
(b) 802.1w
(c) 802.1s
(o) UDLD
(h) SNMP
(j) SSH
(n) SDM
(e) ISL
(f) 802.1Q
(h) PaGP
(i) LACP
(b) CHAP
(c) PAP
(h) MLP

2.00    Implement IPv4

(a) iBGP
(a) Tunnel
(b) Redistribute
(c) Static route
(d) Default route
(e) Policy route
(b) eBGP
(b) MED
(d) Weight

3.00    Implement IPv6

(a) Manual
(c) 6to4
(e) NAT-PT
3.80    Implement RIPng

4.00    Implement MPLS Layer 3 VPNs

(c) MP-BGP Prefix Filtering

5.00    Implement IP Multicast

(2) Static mapping of Auto-RP groups:
ip pim rp-address 55
access-list 55 permit
access-list 55 permit
(c) BSR
(a) RPF
(c) SSM
(b) MLD

6.00    Implement Network Security

(b) Log
6.05    Implement AAA
(a) Client Side in IOS
6.11    Implement NAT
6.14    Implement security features

7.00    Implement Network Services

7.50    Implement DHCP
7.70    Implement DNS
(1) CoS
(2) DE
(5) DSCP
(k) Legacy QoS
(1) CQ
(2) PQ
(3) FRTS
(4) CAR
(b) VoIP

9.00    Troubleshoot a Network

10.00    Optimize the Network

10.03    Implement NetFlow
10.04    Implement SPAN, RSPAN, and router IP traffic export (RITE)
(a) SPAN
10.08    Implement FTP
10.09    Implement TFTP
10.13    Implement Telnet

Detailed checklist for CCIE(Routing and Switching)Lab
exam from Cisco can be found Here
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Cisco has slightly changed the appearance of the DocCD , now for the DocCD we need to go to the (obviously) then SUPPORT tab then on the Product Support area we find a small link of the ALL PRODUCTS , click on the All products and you will be on the same old page where we love to be. 🙂