MPLS Terminologies

MPLS Terminologies ————————– >MPLS:-The evolution of MPLS was Cisco’s TAG Switching however as it seems it was Cisco’s proprietary so it must be used in Cisco world only,to make it open standard IEEE made a similar kind of Protocol not as similar as Cisco’s Tag switching however the idea was the same and they named …

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MPLS VPN Scenario

OSPF /32 issue in MPLS VPN Scenario =========================== Yesterday i and my office colleague were doing a MPLS-VPN scenario,where we stuck at a place , the issue was really good , thats why thought of posting it on my blog. The scenario was like R1(CE)—-R3(PE)—R4(P)—–R5(PE)—-R2(CE) Here in this scenario Eigrp is running between R1 and …

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