Data Center Architecture


Data Center Architecture High Level Overview:-


1. Data Center Networking

2.Application Networking

3.Data Center Security

4.Unified Computing System

5.Unified Fabric

6.Storage Networking

7.Operations & Management

8.Services Component

9.Branch Operations

Overview Of Each Component and Devices Used:-

1.Data Center Networking:- Data Center networking accesses services and connectivity at the data link and network layer.

DC Networking Provides:-

  • Layer 2 services
  • Layer 3 services (as needed)
  • Server access and aggregartion
  • Core Switching
  • 10G and/or 1G connectivity.
  • VLANs
  • Virtual Devices Contexts or VDC

Products from Cisco in DC networking includes:-

  • Nexus switch family(7000,5000,3000,2000,1000)
  • Catalyst switch family(6500,4500,4900)

2.Application Networking :- Application networking assures efficient use of network resources.It Provides :-

  • Server load balancing
  • WAAS(Wide Area Application support)
  • Application Control

Products from Cisco and Other Vendors:-

  • Application Control Engine (ACE) from cisco and  LTM or GTM from F5
  • WAAS from cisco and Riverbed Products like Riverbed Steelhead
  • Wide Area Application Engine or WAE from cisco

3.Data Center Security:-Security protects critical business assets and information from internal and external threats. Security provides in depth protection of network devices, applications and operating system via:

  • Firewall security and deep packet inspection
  • Access Control
  • Host and Network intrusion detection
  • Attack mitigation systems
  • Anti-virus systems

Products from Cisco and Other Vendors:-

  • Catalyst firewall service modules
  • ASA firewall appliances
  • Juniper , Checkpoint and other vendors security product range

4.Unified Computing System:-UCS brings together compute, network and system management into a scalable, cohesive system. UCS is the only product range from cisco in the current market of its class.UCS provides:-

  • Single converged system
  • Programmable infrastructure
  • Unified Fabric

Products from Cisco:-

  • UCS B-Series chassis-based servers
  • UCS C-Series Rack mount servers

5.Unified Fabric:-Unified fabric is based on open standards, and integrates silos to allow access across the data center. Unified fabric provides:-

  • 10G server access
  • Fibre Channel over Ethernet(FCoE) functionality
  • I/O consolidation
  • LAN/SAN server connectivity

Products from Cisco:-

  • Nexus 5000 and Nexus 2000 with appropriate NXOS image and license

6.Storage Networking(SAN):-Storage networking constitute both the actual storage components and the link between storage and servers.SAN provides:-

  • Data Replication
  • Data Deduplication
  • SAN switching
  • Storage connectivity
  • Data vault
  • Disk and Tape subsystems

Products from Cisco:-

  • MDS 9000 SAN switch family

7.Operations & Management:-It integrates data center operations, management and services. It provides:-

  • Equipment and application health monitoring
  • Backup and restore operations
  • Security functions – network and physical security
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Policy management
  • Provisioning of services

Products from Cisco:-

  • Data Center Network Manager (DCNM)
  • UCS Manager (UCSM)

8.Services Component:-Services include network add-ins, software and appliances. It provides

  • ANS- app control, server load balancing, WAAS
  • Security
  • Firewall
  • Intrusion Detection

Products from Cisco:-

  • ASA
  • ACE
  • WAAS

9.Branch Operations:- Branches can pose challenges to Data Center operations. Branches are usually considered part of Data Center. However, when goals include changes to business models, including mobility and virtual options, branch needs must be considered.

Products from Cisco:-

  • Branch Router (ISR)
  • LAN Switch (Catalyst)
  • UCS C-Series server
  • ASA
  • UC Express
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