Data Center Migration Plan and Strategy

Data Center Migration is one of the challenging job in networking world, and the reason behind this we have less documentation available online for this. Recently i did DC migration for a client in Vancouver, Canada. Below are the main highlights, i will be writing more in detail soon.

1. Network:-The first objective is to understand the network in and out from every aspect and user termination to current DC. We need to document  different type of users that are connecting to current DC, like VPN remote users, Site 2 Site VPN tunnel traffic, AVPN layer 3 MPLS cloud users, local remote site users connecting directly via OPTEWAN(layer 2 point to point MPLS) ,etc. Document everything related to current network and the network where we are planning to migrate, like allocation of Public ips, different routing protocols,technology and devices used, WAN and LAN vendors, etc.

2. Firewall:-Firewalls and the rules associated are the major concern and always create issues while migration, so we need to carefully document and consult client and vendors to understand the seriousness of each and every rule associated with the firewall.

3.Load Balancing:-Load balancing of web servers is again major concern and for this we need to understand the current DC setup, devices used, servers associated, etc. In most of the DC’s F5 LTM is used for load balancing, we need to carefully document F5 related configs and integration of F5 to the network from the current DC and plan according to the network setup of the new DC.

4.Storage:-Storage migration is also very important, here we have two options either migrate the storage physically or purchase a high bandwidth link( 1gig or so)from the WAN provider and migrate the entire storage over  the WAN circuit. The second option will take time depending on the WAN speed and amount of storage.

5.Virtual Machine:-Now a days almost every company is using virtual servers instead of many physical servers. The idea is to use few physical server and build as many Virtual servers on top of one physical chassis, this way cutting cost , also administration and other server related tasks will become simpler. So the migration of Virtual Machines is also very important , we need to understand and document VM’s from the application point of view and the way to migrate all VM’s over the WAN.


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