Migration from Cisco WCS to Cisco Prime NCS

Here is a summary of the WCS to Prime Infrastructure migration process:
1. Order a WCS to PI 1.2 migration. The correct product ID is: R-W-PI12-M-K9
  • Under this product ID, you will be able to select 0-priced capacity licenses. Please select a combination of these, so that the total number of licenses matches the maximum number of access points licensed on the existing WCS system. Support for the new PI installation is optional, but strongly recommended.
  • If you plan to use a physical appliance, you will need to order that separately, using the product ID PRIME-NCS-APL-K9. Again, hardware support is optional, but strongly recommended. Application support does not automatically provide hardware support. You will need to order both separately, if needed. Make sure to order the appliance with version 1.1 software.
2. Create a new installation of NCS
  • If you chose a physical appliance, do initial configuration and check that it is running software, by opening a SSH connection to it and entering the show version command. If you have a different version of software running, you will need to open a TAC case to do an upgrade/downgrade (http://tools.cisco.com/ServiceRequestTool/create/).
  • For virtual appliance here are the very initial steps. 
  • Prerequisite :  Server Requirements
  • Installing the Cisco Prime Infrastructure Virtual Appliance
  • Installing the Cisco Prime Infrastructure OVA
  • At this point we are able to https://<prime ip> , this will get us to the default license page that there is no license currently available in the device. We need a 30 days evaluation BASE license  to install other licenses on the device based on the UDI/VUDI name.
  • If you chose a virtual appliance, send an e-mail to [email protected] , to get temporary download rights to the NCS OVA file. For this, you will need a valid CCO account linked to a valid e-mail address. Deploy the OVA template onto VMware and do initial configuration through CLI.
  • Hardware and software installation guides:
3. Install temporary licenses to activate the NCS appliance.
  • Open the web GUI of your new NCS installation. It will automatically open the license management section. From there you will need to copy the UDI/VUDI string and send it via e-mail to [email protected]. You will receive an evaluation license file via automated e-mail that will enable you to do step 4. Processing the request usually takes around 24 hours. You can install the file using the NCS web GUI license management tool. You can find more information about managing licenses here: http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/wireless/ncs/1.1/configuration/guide/admin.html#wp1139357
4. Do a WCS to NCS data migration.
5. Upgrade NCS to Prime Infrastructure
6. Install the permanent “Lifecycle” licenses that you received by ordering the migration product ID.
  • In my case i have received 3 licenses  for NCS . Install it from the license center under administration tab.
7. At this point your NCS Prime Infrastructure installation is ready to use.Below is the view of Wireless clients connected to your networks, there SSID’s used, encryption method, frequency band, etc. You can further optimize your NCS box to get the most out of it.


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