Cisco Prime NCS 1.3:-  This is login page after upgrade.

NCS 1.3

I would personally recommend to upgrade Cisco Prime NCS 1.2 to version 1.3. There are lots of bugs in release 1.2 , you will instantly feel that after the upgrade to 1.3.

Regarding the benefit of the upgrade you can check the release note for the upgrade from the following Link it will show you the solved bugs :

You can download the upgrade file from following Link you will find the “PI-VA-” under 1.3 and if you have Cisco Prime NCS 1.2 already installed and running then only download “PI-upgrade-bundle-”:

  •  Here are the steps for the upgrade :-
  • Open a console session and log in to the existing server as admin. Enter the password when prompted.
  •  Copy the upgrade file downloaded from to the default repository:defaultRepo
  • admin# copy source disk:/defaultRepo

Source:- source is the application upgrade file’s URL, path and filename (for example: FTP://<YourFTPServer>/PI-upgrade-bundle-

disk is the disk and path to the local defaultRepo.

  • Stop the Prime Infrastructure server. Enter the command “ncs stop”.
  • Run the application upgrade:

admin# application upgrade PI-upgrade-bundle- defaultRepo

  • This step can take 30 minutes or more to complete, depending on the size of the application database.