Inspired from Brad Reese. Important Sites for various Networking Day to Day Tasks. I am updating links frequently, kindly let me know if you feels like anything missing or needs to be added.

APC Datacenter Tools
ACL Wildcard Mask Calculator
APC Product Selectors
BackTrack Linux – Penetration Testing
Bandwidth Calculator
Bandwidth Speed Test Tool
Bandwidth VoIP Availability Check
Bandwidth VoIP Test
Belkin Wizards
Black Box Custom Cable and Adapter Wizards
Boson Free Utilities, Cisco Config Register Calculator
Brad Reese music work ambience
Broadband Tools
Cain – Windows Based Hacking Tool
CertSearch Tool – rates Cisco practice test providers
CIDR Report
CIDR / VLSM Supernet Calculator
Cisco 827/827H/SOHO97/837 ADSL Firewall IPSec Config
Cisco 827/827H/SOHO97/837 ADSL IPSec Config
Cisco 827/827H/SOHO97/837 Basic Config
Cisco 827/827H/837 Business Config
Cisco 827, 827H, 837, SOHO97 Config Wizard
Cisco 851/851W/857/857W/871/871W/877/877W Wizard
Cisco 827/827H/SOHO97/837 Firewall Config
Cisco 827/827H/837 Firewall PPTP Config
Cisco 827H/SOHO97/837 GUI Config
Cisco 837, SOHO97 IPv6 Config Wizard
Cisco 827/827H/837/850/870/SOHO97 Software Picks
Cisco 1700 Series Solution Design Tool
Cisco 2600/3600/3700 Memory Calculator
Cisco 3620/3640/3660/7200 Simulator
Cisco Account Support
Cisco ACL Editor and Simulator
Cisco Administration Tools – The Ultimate List
Cisco Aironet 1500 Path Loss Calculator
Cisco Aironet Outdoor Bridge Range Calculation Utility
Cisco ASR 1000 Cost of Ownership Calculator
Cisco ASR 1000 Environmental Impact Calculator
Cisco AutoQoS ROI Calculator
Cisco BitSwapping Tool
Cisco Blog Roll
Cisco Borderless Networks ROI Benefits Calculator
Cisco BPX/IGX Firmware Compatibility Tool
Cisco Branch-WAN Business Calculator
Cisco Bug Search Tool
Cisco Bug Toolkit
Cisco Business Ready Teleworker ROI Calculator
Cisco Case Study Tool
Cisco Catalyst 2950 Config Wizard
Cisco Catalyst 2950 Slow Down Viruses
Cisco Catalyst Switch Solution Finder
Cisco CatOS to IOS Config Converter
Cisco-centric Open Source Initiative
Cisco CCIE Verification Tool
Cisco Certification Online Support
Cisco Certification Tracking System
Cisco Certification Validation
Cisco Certification Verification
Cisco Command Lookup Tool
Cisco ConfigMaker Software
Cisco CPQRGs Last 9 Years
Cisco Customer Contact Software Bandwidth Calculators
Cisco Customer Profile Database
Cisco Customer Training Tools – Free
Cisco Data Center Design Best Practices Tool
Cisco Download Free CTIServer For Basic Caller ID
Cisco DSP Calculator
Cisco Dynamic Configuration Tool
Cisco EDI CatOS to IOS Configuration Conversion Tool
Cisco EEM Scripts to Customize IOS
Cisco End-of-Sale and End-of-Life Products
Cisco Error Message Decoder
Cisco Feature Navigator
Cisco Gathering Basic Cisco CallManager Traces
Cisco Global Learning Partner Locator
Cisco Global Pre-Sales Support
Cisco Global Web Site and Language Selector
Cisco How Setup Cisco AP To WPA With Microsoft SBS 2003
Cisco How To Load Config File Onto Cisco Router
Cisco How To Do Port Forwarding Cisco NAT
Cisco How-To Tutorials
Cisco ICS 7750 Configuration Tool
Cisco IOS MIB Tools
Cisco IOS Reference Guide
Cisco IOS Software Checker
Cisco IOS Software Modularity Patch Navigator
Cisco IOS Software Selector
Cisco IOS XR Software Selector
Cisco IPC Cost Savings Calculator
Cisco IP Communications: Return on Investment Calculator
Cisco IPSec VPN and DSL Performance
Cisco IP Subnet Calculator
Cisco IP Telephony Readiness Assessment Tool
Cisco IPv6 Installation
Cisco IronPort SenderBase
Cisco IronPort Threat Operations Center
Cisco Jobs
Cisco Microsoft SBS 2003 IPv6 Readiness
Cisco NetFlow Configuration Guide
Cisco Network Academy Locator
Cisco Network Academy PLAN-IT Toolkits
Cisco Old Technical Documentation
Cisco Output Interpreter
Cisco Partner Access Online
Cisco Partner Authorized Distributor Locator
Cisco Partner Business Central – DPRG
Cisco Partner Business Planning
Cisco Partner Campaign Builder
Cisco Partner Capital Resource Library
Cisco Partner CARE
Cisco Partner Certification and Specialization Application
Cisco Partner Channel Account Manager Locator
Cisco Partner Channel Marketing Fund Builder Tool
Cisco Partner CLEI
Cisco Partner Counterfeit Reporting
Cisco Partner Cross Reference Tool
Cisco Partner Customer Service Case Management Tool
Cisco Partner Customer Success Story Submittal
Cisco Partner E-Learning Connection
Cisco Partner Finance Solutions
Cisco Partner Help Online
Cisco Partner Initiated Customer Access Tool
Cisco Partner Locator
Cisco Partner Marketing Funds
Cisco Partner Marketing Library
Cisco Partner Ordering Lead Times Tool
Cisco Partner Ordering Status Tool
Cisco Partner Ordering Tool
Cisco Partner Order Service Contacts
Cisco Partner PDI Help Desk
Cisco Partner Performance Metrics Central
Cisco Partner Pricing Tool
Cisco Partner Quote Builder
Cisco Partner Registration
Cisco Partner Self Service
Cisco Partner Service Contract Center
Cisco Partner Solution Catalog
Cisco Partner SONA Network Multiplier Benefits Simulator
Cisco Partner Standardized BOM Templates
Cisco Partner Steps to Success
Cisco Partner Trade-In Accelerator Program Tool
Cisco Partner Trade-In Tools
Cisco Partner Value Incentive Program Tool
Cisco Partner Value Selling Tool Suite
Cisco Partner View
Cisco Password Cracker
Cisco PIX 501 Firewall Config Template
Cisco PIX VPN GUI Config
Cisco Power Calculator
Cisco Private Cloud Benefit Calculator
Cisco Product Advisor
Cisco Product Alert Tool
Cisco Product Approved Status
Cisco Product Documentation New and Revised
Cisco Product Field Notices
Cisco Product Identification Tool
Cisco Product Release Notes
Cisco Product Security Incident Response
Cisco Product Upgrade Tool
Cisco Profile Manager
Cisco Recommended Service Providers Locator
Cisco Refurbished Configurations Report
Cisco Refurbished Inventory Availability and List Pricing
Cisco Repair and Hardware Troubleshooting
Cisco Report Product Security Incidents
Cisco Retail Collaboration Benefits Calculator
Cisco RIF Decoder Tool
Cisco RMA Service Order Tools
Cisco RMA U.S. and Canada Service Order Returns
Cisco Router Configure QoS Template
Cisco Routers that Support NetFlow
Cisco Sales Office Locator
Cisco Secure Business Advisor
Cisco Security Agent ROI Calculator
Cisco Security Center
Cisco Security Conversion Tool
Cisco Security Policy Builder
Cisco Service Finder
Cisco Small Business Network Designer
Cisco Smart Business Roadmap Assessment Tool
Cisco SMARTnet Service Availability Matrix Search
Cisco SNMP Object Navigator
Cisco Software Advisor

Cisco Software Downloads
Cisco Software License Registration
Cisco Software Registration
Cisco Software Search
Cisco Solution Designer
Cisco Solution Finder for Modular Routers
Cisco Special File Access
Cisco Subnetting Game
Cisco TAC Open Case
Cisco TAC Update Case
Cisco Technical Forums
Cisco Technology Developer Partner Locator
Cisco Tools and Resources
Cisco UCS Power Calculator
Cisco Unity Tools
Cisco Visio Stencils
Cisco Voice Codec Bandwidth Calculator
Cisco Voice Technology Group Subscription Tool
Cisco VPN Client GUI Error Lookup Tool
Cisco VPN Savings Calculator
Cisco vs. Competitor Lab Tests
Cisco WAFS Online Support Tool
Cisco WAN Performance Testing
Cisco Warranties
Cisco WLAN Productivity Savings Payback Calculator
CiscoWorks LMS/RWAN ROI Calculator
Commonly Open Ports
Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) Calculator
Configuration Templates
Currency Converter Tool
Data Encoder
dBm/dBW Calculator
DNS Advisor
DNS Changer Check-Up
DNS Changer Working Group (DCWG)
Domain Name/IP Address Behavior Score
Domain Name/IP Address Lookup – Domain Dossier
Domain Name/Whois Go Daddy
Domain Name/Whois/WhoisIP/SPAM Database/Traceroute/Ping
Domain Name/Whois Network Solutions
Domain Tools
Dynamips Cisco Router Hardware Emulator
Ethereal – Free Protocol Analyzer/Packet SnifferF5 University
Firewall Test and Port Scan Tools
Flowalyzer Free NetFlow & sFlow Tester
Flow Bandwidth / Hard Drive Consumption Calculator
Foundstone Free Tools
FTP File Search
H.264 High Profile Quick Savings Tool
How to Activate Cisco NetFlow, sFlow, IPFIX and NetStream
How to Determine the Serial Number of Catalyst Switch Components
How to Find/Display Your MAC Address
How to solve Windows system crashes in minutes
How to Structured Wiring
How to Subnet a Network
HP Networking ROI Calculator
HP Printing Supplies Finder
Intellishield PSIRT Search Tool
International Dialing Codes
International Dialing Codes Alphabetical
Internet Country Codes
IP Addressing and Subnetting for New Users
IP Address Blacklist Tool
IP Address Locator Tool
IP Address Malware Tool
IP Address Management Tool
IP Address Subnetting Tutorial
iPad TFTP Server
IPFIX Vendor Configurations
iPhone Subnet, Network and Wildcard Mask Calculator
iPhone TFTP Server
IP Subnet Calculator
IP Subnet Calculator for Windows
IP Subnetting Made Easy
IP Utilities
IPv4 to IPv6 Conversion Tool
IPv6 Compatibility Tool
IPv6 CIDR to Range Tool
IPv6 Range to IPv6 CIDR Tool
IPv6 Compress Tool
IPv6 Expansion Tool
IPv6 Info Tool
IPv6 Local Range Generator
Learn to Subnet
Legacy Load Balancer Consolidation Calculator
Linksys Knowledge Base
Lokbox Blacklist Converter Applet
Looking Glass Level 3 Tools
Malware Threat Center
ManageEngine DeviceExpert Configuration Management
MIB Archive by Vendor
MIBs Supported By Cisco Product
Michael Morris Cisco Tech Links
Microsoft Knowledge Base
MRTG/Denika/WebNM Templates Archive
Netcordia Network Software Tools
Net Index
NetFlow Bandwidth Calculator
NetFlow and sFlow Analysis Tool
NetFlow Vendor Configurations
NetQoS Network Latency Calculator
NetQoS Subnet Calculator
NetSetMan Network Settings Manager Tool
NetStream Vendor Configurations
Network Calculators/Subnet Mask/Inverter/Network Node
Network Monitoring Tools
Network Protocol Analyzer – Wireshark
Network Troubleshooting Utility – Qcheck
Optimization Calculator
OUI and Company_id Assignments
Paris Traceroute Tool
Pearson VUE Cisco Testing
Polycom RMX H.264 High Profile Quick Savings Tool
Port Forward Router/Firewall Config Wizard
Qualys Browser Security Check Tool
Qualys Enterprise Browser Security Check Tool
Qualys Internet Server Security Scan
Qualys Network Perimeter Security Map Tool
Qualys SANS Institute Network Vulnerability Scan
Qualys SSL Server Test
Qualys Website Malware Detection Tool
Riverbed ROI Calculator
Riverbed X-Factor Estimator/Calculator
Samplicator – UDP datagrams
Security Scanner GUI – Zenmap for Nmap
Security Scanner – Nmap
Security Tools (Top 125 Network Security Tools)
Server Offload Calculator
sFlow Vendor Configurations
SG Bits/Bytes Conversion Calculator
SG Broadband Tools
SG Network Tools
SG RWIN/BDP Calculator
SG Security Scan
SG Speed Test
SG TCP/IP Analyzer
SG TCP Optimizer
SG WLAN Key Generator
Shrubbery Networks Tools
SNMP Trending Tool – Denika
SolarWinds TFTP Server, NetFlow Configurator, VM Monitor Tools Open Source Projects
Spam Cost Calculator
Speed Wave
Storage Cost Savings Calculator
TCP/IP Analyzer
TCP Optimizer
Terminal Emulators
TFTP Server
Theoretical Maximum TCP Throughput
ThreatCHECK Tool
Trend Micro Submission Wizard
TTCP TCP and UDP Throughput Test Tool
Type 7 Reverser
U.S. Telephone Area Codes
Vendor/Ethernet MAC Address Lookup and Search Tool
VE Network Catcher Shunra Network Monitoring Tool
Visio F5 Networks Stencils
VoIP Calculators
VoIP Erlangs and Bandwidth Calculator
VoIP Erlangs and Lines Calculator
VoIP Lines and IP Bandwidth Calculator
VoIP Minutes and Lines Calculator
Vunerable Ports
Wi-Fi Certified Products Tool
Wi-Fi HotSpot Directory Tool
Wi-Fi HotSpot Zone Finder Tool
wikiHow – Networking
Wireless Bridge ROI Calculator
Wireless Home Network Guide
Wireless Solution ROI Calculator
WLAN Key Generator
World Clock