Configure ACLs using Atomic Programming in Cisco Nexus 7000

This lab has been completed on Nexus 7010 with following hardware and software installed, it can be seen here in my previous post.

In this task we will configure ACLs using the atomic programming feature of Cisco NX-OS
Software. In addition, we will investigate the method used to modify, validate and re sequence ACLs.

Step 1 On your N7K switch create two object-groups, one named ALLOWSUBNETS and the other BADPORTS.

N7k Object1

N7k Object2

Step 2 Exit global configuration mode and reenter using the configure session command.
Name our session ACL-CHECKER
N7K11-pod3# configure session ACL-CHECKER

Step 3 Create an IP access list named BIG-ACL.
N7K11-pod3(config-s)# ip access-list BIG-ACL

Step 4 Assign the object-groups named ALLOWSUBNETS and BADPORTS created in Step 1 above to the IP access list BIG-ACL.
N7K11-pod3(config-s-acl)# permit ip addrgroup ALLOWNETS any
N7K11-pod3(config-s-acl)# deny tcp any port-group BADPORTS any

Step 5 Add the following deny statements to the access list named BIG-ACL.
N7K11-pod3(config-s-acl)# deny tcp any
N7K11-pod3(config-s-acl)# deny tcp any
N7K11-pod3(config-s-acl)# deny tcp any
N7K11-pod3(config-s-acl)# deny tcp any
N7K11-pod3(config-s-acl)# exit

Step 6 Assign the IP access list BIG-ACL to the port channel interface within our pod
VDC in the ingress direction.
N7K11-pod3(config-s)# interface port-channel 1

N7K11-pod3(config-s-if)# ip access-group BIG-ACL in
N7K11-pod3(config-s-if)# exit

Step 7 Step 7 Verify the configuration session ACL-CHECK.
N7K11-pod3(config-s)# verify
Verification Successful

Step 8 If the operation in Step 7 was successful, then commit the session to the running
N7K11-pod3(config-s)# commit
Commit Successful

N7k Object3

We can check our access-list just configured by ” show access-list BIG-ACL”. Also we can insert multiple sequence in between our access-list sequence, here we will insert sequence 11 to 19 between 10 and 20.

N7k ACL1

We can resequence the ACL also by using “resequence ip access-list BIG-ACL [start-seq] [end-seq]” and we can verify our new restructured ACL.

N7k ACL2

We can use several Show commands like “show ip access-list”, ” sh access-list”to check our configuration like “, one cool command is “Show running-config aclmgr”

N7k ACL3


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