Configure ACLs using Atomic Programming in Cisco Nexus 7000

This lab has been completed on Nexus 7010 with the following hardware and software installed; you can take a look at Cisco Nexus 7000 user accounts and RBAC in my previous post.

In this task, we will configure ACLs using the atomic programming feature of Cisco NX-OS.
Software. In addition, we will investigate the method used to modify, validate, and re-sequence ACLs.

  • Step 1 – On your N7K switch, create two object groups: ALLOWSUBNETS and the other BADPORTS.
Nexus 7k Object
Nexus 7k Object
  • Step 2 – Exit global configuration mode and reenter using the configure session command.

Name our session ACL-CHECKER
N7K11-pod3# configure session ACL-CHECKER

  • Step 3 – Create an IP access list named BIG-ACL.

N7K11-pod3(config-s)# ip access-list BIG-ACL

  • Step 4 – Assign the object-groups named ALLOWSUBNETS and BADPORTS created in Step 1 above to the IP access list BIG-ACL.

N7K11-pod3(config-s-acl)# permit ip addrgroup ALLOWNETS any
N7K11-pod3(config-s-acl)# deny tcp any port-group BADPORTS any

  • Step 5 – Add the following deny statements to the access list named BIG-ACL.

N7K11-pod3(config-s-acl)# deny tcp any
N7K11-pod3(config-s-acl)# deny tcp any
N7K11-pod3(config-s-acl)# deny tcp any
N7K11-pod3(config-s-acl)# deny tcp any
N7K11-pod3(config-s-acl)# exit

  • Step 6 – Assign the IP access list BIG-ACL to the port channel interface within our pod. VDC in the ingress direction.

N7K11-pod3(config-s)# interface port-channel 1

N7K11-pod3(config-s-if)# ip access-group BIG-ACL in
N7K11-pod3(config-s-if)# exit

  • Step 7 – Verify the configuration session ACL-CHECK.

N7K11-pod3(config-s)# verify
Verification Successful

  • Step 8 – If the operation in Step 7 was successful, then commit the session to the running configuration.

N7K11-pod3(config-s)# commit
Commit Successful

Nexus 7k Object

We can check our access-list just configured by ” show access-list BIG-ACL.” Also, we can insert multiple sequences in between our access-list sequence; here, we will insert sequences 11 to 19 between 10 and 20.

Nexus 7k ACL

We can resequence the ACL also by using “resequence ip access-list BIG-ACL [start-seq] [end-seq],” and we can verify our new restructured ACL.

Nexus 7k ACL

We can use several Show commands like “show ip access-list” and ” sh access-list” to check our configuration “; one cool command is “Show running-config aclmgr”

Nexus 7k ACL
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