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OSI Model Cheat Sheet Infographic

OSI Model Cheat Sheet Infographic for Quick Reference

In my last post, I wrote about the OSI Model and its 7 layers of networking, so here is an OSI Model Cheat Sheet Infographic to help you remember all the details. This cheat sheet will give you a quick glance at the functions of each OSI layer, along with the data unit, protocols, and device types used on each layer. Understanding these core concepts of the OSI model will help you choose the best technology for your desired outcome.

You can further read about the TCP/IP model, IP subnetting, VLANs, and VLAN tagged vs. untagged, What is Routing in Networking, topics to grasp the basic understanding of networking.

OSI Model Cheat Sheet PDF

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OSI Model Cheat Sheet Infographic

OSI Model Cheat Sheet Infographic
OSI Model Cheat Sheet Infographic


In this blog post, we have presented an OSI model cheat sheet infographic which will help you quickly refer to the functions of each layer, as well as the data units, protocols, and device types used on each layer. I hope you like this post, and please share it with others.

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Afroz Ahmad

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