What Channel is FS1 on Xfinity? Location-Based Guide

What channel is FS1 on Xfinity? – Fox Sports 1 (FS1) is a popular sports channel that provides coverage of live events and games across college football, auto racing, baseball, soccer, golf, and more.

As one of the major cable TV providers in the US, Xfinity offers access to FS1, but its channel number varies by location. This article will cover what FS1 is, its top sports content, and exactly how to find FS1 on your Xfinity channel lineup depending on where you live. It also features some handy tips for watching FS1 on Xfinity as a subscriber.

FS1 Channel on Xfinity by Location

Here is a table summarizing the FS1 channels on Xfinity by location:

LocationFS1 Channel
California (Bay Area, LA, San Diego)408, 731
California (Sacramento)408, 731, 31
Oregon408, 723
Washington33, 408
Utah120, 691
Colorado (Denver)777
Colorado (Colorado Springs, Boulder)1209
New Mexico (Albuquerque, Santa Fe)255
New Mexico (Las Cruces)255, 271
Arizona (Phoenix)686
Arizona (Tucson)78
Illinois (Chicago)408
Michigan (Detroit)31, 1620
Florida (Miami)450, 732
Florida (Jacksonville, Tampa)450
Georgia (Atlanta)875
New York476
The most common channels to help locate FS1 on Xfinity

So, in summary, FS1 channels on Xfinity tend to range from the 70s up to the 1200s, depending on your area and region.

What is FS1, and Why Do Xfinity Customers Want It?

First, let’s cover some background. Fox Sports 1 is a popular cable sports channel that launched in 2013 after replacing the previous Speed Channel. It’s operated by Fox Sports Media Group as a dedicated home for lots of live sports.

Some of the flagship sports contents and leagues featured on FS1 include:

  • College football and basketball games from major conferences like the Big 12, Big Ten, Pac-12, and Big East
  • MLB postseason games including the League Championship Series and Division Series
  • Select regular season MLB matchups
  • NASCAR Cup Series racing, qualifying and practices
  • Premier soccer tournaments like the FIFA Men’s World Cup
  • UFC Fight Nights and specialty PPV events
  • Golf events from the USGA Championship and US Open

As you can see, FS1 has a strong emphasis on college sports along with NASCAR racing, soccer, UFC, and more. It’s a must-have channel for diehard sports fans who follow multiple leagues.

Now let’s discuss why Xfinity customers specifically want access to FS1 as part of their cable package:

  • Xfinity offers reliable high-speed internet bundled with TV service
  • Packages include 200+ channels spanning sports, news, entertainment, etc.
  • Robust DVR storage space to record games and matches
  • Access popular networks like ESPN alongside FS1 for multi-sport coverage
  • Affordable deals for new subscribers
  • Can watch both live content and on-demand sports library on smartphone apps

Put simply, FS1 provides awesome sports content while Xfinity makes that content easily accessible across devices at home and on the go. It’s a win-win combo for viewers.

FS1 Programming Lineup and Content

In case you need more details on the actual shows and games offered on FS1, here’s a quick rundown:

Live Sports

Of course, the main draw of tuning into FS1 is to watch live events across various leagues and tournaments. Some of the main sports you can catch through FS1 with an Xfinity package include:

  • College Football – FS1 has TV rights to air regular season games from the Big 12, Pac-12, Big Ten, and other FBS conferences. You’ll often find primetime matchups on FS1 all season long leading up the conference championship games and eventually the College Football Playoff.
  • NASCAR Racing – FS1 broadcasts dozens of NASCAR Cup Series races every year including the Daytona 500, marquee races at Talladega, Darlington, and Charlotte, plus the season finale in Phoenix. You’ll also find NASCAR XFINITY and Truck Series action regularly.
  • MLB Postseason – FS1 carries select MLB playoff series including League Championship Series and Division Series matchups leading into the World Series. So you can catch your favorite MLB teams in the playoffs.
  • Soccer – Soccer fans will find plenty to love on FS1. There’s coverage of the Men’s World Cup, Women’s World Cup, MLS matches, Liga MX, US Men’s National Team qualifiers and friendlies.
  • Golf & Tennis Majors – Notable golf and tennis tournaments found on FS1 include early round coverage of the U.S. Open plus USGA events.

And that just scratches the surface. There’s also UFC Fight Nights, college basketball, auto racing, rugby, and more.

Studio Shows & Highlight Programs

In addition to live events themselves, FS1 produces many original shows that focus on sports commentary, analysis, interviews and entertainment:

  • Skip and Shannon: Undisputed – Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe passionately debate the latest sports topics with fiery opinions.
  • The Herd with Colin Cowherd – Veteran broadcaster Colin Cowherd shares strong takes on sports and news from his unique perspective.
  • NASCAR RaceHub – News and coverage dedicated solely to the world of NASCAR racing.
  • WWE Backstage – Weekly WWE pro wrestling talk show hosted by analyst panel with special guests.
  • The First Things First Podcast – Nick Wright and friends discuss the top sports stories in podcast form.
  • MLB Whiparound – Nightly MLB highlight show with game breakdowns during baseball season.

So while you watch games and matches play out live, you also get expert pregame/postgame commentary plus highlights and interviews on FS1 through shows like the ones above. It’s truly 24/7 sports when you add FS1 to your Xfinity cable lineup!

What Channel is FS1 on Xfinity? – Locating FS1’s Channel Number by Area

Now here comes the important part – finding exactly which channel FS1 is located at through your Xfinity TV subscription.

The main thing to note is that FS1’s channel number varies from area to area. Unlike networks such as ESPN or TNT which have standardized channel slots across providers, Fox Sports 1 can be found all over the TV dial depending on your location and regional division.

Below is a state-by-state breakdown of where Xfinity customers can locate FS1 in their channel listings:

FS1 on Xfinity – West Coast


  • Bay Area / San Francisco – 408, 731
  • Los Angeles – 408, 731
  • Sacramento – 408, 731, 31
  • San Diego – 408, 731


  • Portland – 408, 723
  • Salem – 408, 723
  • Eugene – 408, 723


  • Seattle – 33, 408
  • Spokane – 30, 408
  • Tacoma – 33, 408
  • Yakima – 23, 408

So on the West Coast, Xfinity subscribers can generally find FS1 on channel 408 or somewhere in the 700s, with some variation between major cities and regions.

FS1 on Xfinity – Mountain West


  • Salt Lake City – 120, 691
  • Provo – 120, 691


  • Denver – 777
  • Colorado Springs – 1209
  • Fort Collins – 777
  • Boulder – 1209

For Mountain/Pacific areas, FS1 is usually between 120 all the way up to the 1200s depending on your city.

FS1 on Xfinity – Southwest

New Mexico

  • Albuquerque – 255
  • Santa Fe – 255
  • Las Cruces – 255, 271


  • Phoenix – 686
  • Tucson – 78
  • Mesa – 686

Customers in NM and AZ tend to have more variation as far as FS1 placement from the low 100s to 600s across cities.

FS1 on Xfinity – Midwest


  • Chicago – 408
  • Naperville – 408
  • Joliet – 408


  • Detroit – 31, 1620
  • Grand Rapids – 1620
  • Warren – 31, 1620

In Midwestern states with Xfinity, FS1 is usually found between channel 31 up into the 1000+ range.

FS1 on Xfinity – South


  • Miami – 450, 732
  • Jacksonville – 450, 732
  • Tampa – 450, 732


  • Atlanta – 875
  • Columbus – 875


  • Dallas – 773
  • Houston – 773
  • San Antonio – 773
  • Austin – 773

For southern cities and states, look for FS1 around the 700s and 800s range on Xfinity’s dial.

FS1 on Xfinity – Northeast


  • Philadelphia – 857
  • Pittsburgh – 857
  • Allentown – 857


  • Boston – 8888
  • Worcester – 8888
  • Springfield – 8888

New York

  • New York City – 476
  • Buffalo – 476
  • Rochester – 476

Xfinity viewers in the northeast can find Fox Sports 1 in the 800 channel zone typically.

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Additional Tips for Accessing FS1 with Xfinity

Beyond just locating the FS1 channel number itself, keep these pointers in mind for watching FS1 content through your Xfinity TV subscription:

  • For upcoming sports schedules and listings, use the Xfinity TV Guide app or website to see when games and events will air live on FS1 in your area. Sometimes the schedules shift around.
  • Setup Series Recordings for your favorite FS1 programs like Skip and Shannon or UFC shows so you never miss episodes due to work, travel, etc if that’s a concern.
  • FS1 streams live on the Xfinity Stream website and mobile apps (for Android and iOS devices). You can watch FS1 anywhere with your home Xfinity credentials.
  • Add FS1 to your Custom Favorites listings to easily flip between major sports channels like ESPN, NFL Network, MLB Network, and more.
  • Get alerts anytime your highlighted teams are playing on FS1 through MyTeams by Xfinity. Personalize your sports notifications.
  • Use Xfinity’s Voice Remote to instantly pull up the FS1 channel by saying phrases like “Tune to Fox Sports 1” or “Watch Fox Sports One“.

So, in summary, locating FS1 just takes a quick browse of your Xfinity channel guide and remembering the general area it appears in for your state. With the information above, you now know what channel FS1 is on Xfinity no matter where you live.

You also have additional tips to access FS1 on the go and customize your viewing experience through handy Xfinity features.

Now it’s time to kick back and enjoy all that Fox Sports 1 has to offer – from exhilarating live games to motivating studio shows to insightful commentary. FS1 brings sports fans incredible content all year long. Combined with Xfinity for easy access anywhere, it’s a top channel for cable subscribers.

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