What Channel is TNT on Xfinity? Complete Guide

Have you ever plopped onto your couch, remote in hand, ready to watch your favorite drama or sports game on TNT, only to spend 20 frustrating minutes channel surfing trying to actually find TNT? As an Xfinity customer, you know the struggle is real.

With hundreds of channels on the platform, trying to locate your preferred networks can sometimes feel like finding a needle in a haystack. Well we have good news! This complete guide will teach you exactly how to find TNT on Xfinity once and for all.

Key Takeaways – Summary

  • Use Xfinity’s online channel lookup tool by entering your address to see your local channel lineup with TNT’s designated channel number.
  • Bookmark Xfinity’s tool for quick access in finding any elusive channels.
  • TNT on Xfinity is available with two of the higher-end Xfinity TV plans. To get this channel as part of your service, you can either get Popular TV with 125+ channels or Ultimate TV with a lineup of 185+ channels.
  • You can watch TNT on Xfinity Stream if it is included in your cable package.
  • TNT channels vary by region, so refer to the state chart for common channel designations.
  • Here is the table summarizing common TNT channel numbers by state on Xfinity:
StateCommon Xfinity TNT Channels
Washington54, 754
Oregon54, 754
Utah39, 667
California37, 737
Florida407, 42

In case you are looking for other channels on Xfinity:

A Quick Intro to TNT

TNT is a popular cable channel launched in 1988. Initially, it aired limited theater releases and classic films, but it now features original dramatic television series and hit movies. TNT broadcasts popular sporting events like NBA basketball and NHL hockey, and it’s known for its high-production value shows and blockbuster movies.

It has a vast global reach and broadcasts to millions of viewers worldwide, making it a must-have in any channel lineup.

Now that you know TNT offers some of the best edge-of-your-seat entertainment around, let’s get into the good stuff: exactly how to find the TNT channel on Xfinity TV, depending on where you live.

How to Locate TNT Channels on Xfinity

Here comes the best part! We’re going to clearly break down exactly how to find what channel TNT is on your Xfinity cable TV lineup.

The first thing to know is that TNT channel numbers on Xfinity vary depending on your state and region. Unlike national broadcast networks like NBC, ABC, CBS or Fox which air on consistent designated channels, TNT’s channel slot differs across locations.

For example, TNT may appear on Channel 54 for Xfinity subscribers in Seattle, Washington. But Xfinity customers in Portland, Oregon might find TNT on Channel 825 instead.

While channel inconsistencies can be confusing, don’t worry – there’s an easy way to identify exactly what channel TNT is on your unique Xfinity TV channel lineup.

Use Xfinity’s Online Channel Lookup Tool

Rather than memorizing channel numbers from various cities or counting on TNT to air on the same channel, I recommend heading online to use Xfinity’s official channel lookup tool:

It only takes seconds to find TNT on Xfinity with the online channel lineup. Just enter your full home address + zip code at this link, and Xfinity will automatically detect your location to display an exact channel listing tailored for your area.

You’ll see a complete A-Z channel lineup with network names and channel positions. Simply Ctrl + F search for “TNT” to instantly reveal what channel it falls under on your local Xfinity channel lineup.

So for example, if you lived in Denver, Colorado the tool would pull up Comcast’s Denver Metro channel lineup, where you’d find TNT on Channel 784 in Standard Definition and Channel 1285 in High Definition.

I highly recommend bookmarking Xfinity’s lookup tool on your browser for quick access whenever you need to hunt down elusive channels. No more endlessly scrolling through a cable guide or tuning to random channel numbers, hoping to luck out!

Now, let’s explore a reference guide to common TNT channel locations you might find with Xfinity in different states.

What Channel is TNT on Xfinity? – Common Xfinity TNT Channels by State

Keep in mind local channel lineups still vary within each area. But here’s a handy chart covering popular regional cities showing typical channel slots where you’ll discover TNT on Xfinity:

What channel is TNT on Xfinity Washington?

  • Seattle – Channel 54 (SD), 754 (HD)
  • Spokane – Channel 54, 754
  • Tacoma – Channel 54, 754
  • Vancouver – Channel 54, 662

What channel is TNT on Xfinity Oregon?

  • Portland – Channel 54, 754
  • Salem – Channel 54, 754
  • Eugene – Channel 54, 754

What channel is TNT on Xfinity Utah?

  • Salt Lake City – Channel 39, 667
  • West Valley City – Channel 39, 1404

What channel is TNT on Xfinity California?

  • San Jose – Channel 37, 737
  • San Francisco – Channel 37, 737
  • Fresno – Channel 44, 737
  • Sacramento – Channel 44, 737
  • Oakland – Channel 37, 737

What channel is TNT on Xfinity Florida?

  • Miami – Channel 42
  • Fort Lauderdale – Channel 42
  • Orlando – Channel 48
  • Tampa – Channel 61

As you can see, TNT channel numbers for Xfinity fluctuate dramatically by region. So while this reference chart provides common locations for TNT, I still advise utilizing Xfinity’s lookup tool linked earlier to clearly determine your area’s local channel designations.

Now, here’s a quick recap of some key tips and takeaways for finding TNT on Xfinity covered so far:

  • TNT channel numbers vary on Xfinity based on where you live
  • Use Xfinity’s online lineup tool to instantly see TNT’s channel in your area
  • Bookmark Xfinity’s tool to easily lookup any channel when needed
  • Check the chart for common TNT channels on Xfinity by state


So in summary, pinpointing TNT on Xfinity first requires understanding channels differ across cities. Rather than memorizing numbers from each area, quickly find TNT’s channel with your address via Xfinity’s handy lineup lookup.

And for more details on signing up for Xfinity TV packages with access to great entertainment like TNT original shows, give their customer support team a call at 1-844-572-2230.

We hope this complete guide helps you effortlessly discover the TNT channel on Xfinity TV channel listings in your region. Happy channel surfing and enjoy all the award-winning programming TNT has to offer!

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