What Channel is ABC on Xfinity? – Easy Guide

Finding the channel number for ABC on your Xfinity TV lineup can be tricky since the channel varies by location.

This guide will help Xfinity subscribers locate ABC on their channel lineup so they never miss popular shows like Grey’s Anatomy, The Bachelor, American Idol, and more.

Key Takeaways – Summary

  • ABC channel is available in all three Xfinity packages: Choice, Popular, or Ultimate TV plans. However, the channel number varies depending on the region due to local broadcasting rights.
  • Best ways to find the ABC channel on your Xfinity TV:-
    • Ask your voice remote by pressing the microphone button to “tune in to the ABC channel”.
    • Check the channel lineup tool by your address.
    • Contact Xfinity customer service at 1-844-207-8721 for assistance in finding the ABC channel on Xfinity.
  • Here is a handy list of ABC Channel numbers with locations
CityXfinity ABC Channel
Seattle/Tacoma, WA4, 104
Vancouver, WA2, 702
Portland, OR2, 702
Eugene, OR9, 709
Utah4, 652, 1004
Minnesota5, 805
New Mexico7, 210
San Francisco Bay Area7, 707
Sacramento/Central Valley10, 710
Atlanta, GA3, 97, 803
Chicago, IL7, 187
Washington D.C.27, 807

Finding ABC on Your Xfinity Channel Lineup

Xfinity offers three main TV packages:

  • Choice TV – Basic package with 10+ channels
  • Popular TV – Mid-level offering with 125+ channels
  • Ultimate TV – Top package with 185+ channels

All three TV packages include ABC along with other top broadcast networks like NBC, CBS and FOX with local affiliates.

Since ABC is a local broadcasting network, you’ll get the channel with any Xfinity TV package. But the channel number changes based on your location.

How to find ABC Channel on Xfinity?

To find the ABC channel on Xfinity, you can try the following methods:

  1. Use the Xfinity Channel Lineup: Visit the Xfinity website and go to the Channel Lineup page. Enter your location information to view the channel lineup specific to your area. Look for the ABC channel in the list provided.
  2. To find the ABC channel on Xfinity using the Xfinity Voice Remote (XR11, XR15, XR16, XRA), you can simply use the voice command feature. By pressing the microphone button on the remote and saying “ABC,” the Xfinity Voice Remote will open the ABC channel for you.
  3. Check the Xfinity TV Guide: Use your Xfinity remote control to access the TV Guide. Navigate through the channels to find the ABC channel. The channel number may vary depending on your location.
  4. Use the Xfinity Mobile App: Download the Xfinity app on your mobile device. Open the app and navigate to the TV section. Browse through the channel listings to find ABC.
  5. Contact Xfinity Customer Support: If you are unable to find the ABC channel using the above methods, you can reach out to Xfinity customer support for assistance. They can provide you with the specific channel number for ABC in your area.

In case you are looking for other channels on Xfinity:

What Channel is ABC on Xfinity?

Here are the ABC channel numbers on Xfinity for major cities across the country:

  • Seattle/Tacoma, WA – Channel 4 or 104
  • Vancouver, WA – Channel 2 or 702
  • Portland, OR – Channel 2 or 702
  • Eugene, OR – Channel 9 or 709
  • Utah – Channel 4, 652, or 1004 (Salt Lake City)
  • Minnesota – Channel 5 or 805
  • New Mexico – Channel 7 or 210
  • California
    • San Francisco Bay Area – Channel 7 or 707
    • Sacramento/Central Valley – Channel 10 or 710
  • Atlanta, GA – Channel 3, 97 or 803
  • Chicago, IL – Channel 7 or 187
  • Washington D.C. – Channel 27 or 807

Overview of the ABC Channel

ABC, officially called the American Broadcasting Company, is one of the “big three” broadcast TV networks in the United States along with NBC and CBS. It is owned by the Walt Disney Company and headquartered in Burbank, California.

Originally launched in 1943 as a radio network, ABC made the transition to TV broadcasting in 1948. Today it entertains over 4 million viewers across the country with a mix of news, sports, reality shows, dramas, comedies and movies.

As a local broadcasting channel, ABC is included with all Xfinity TV packages. However, the channel number varies from region to region depending on local broadcasting rights.


Q1: What does ABC stand for, and who owns it? 

A1: ABC stands for American Broadcasting Company, and it is owned by the Walt Disney Company.

Q2: Is ABC one of the major US TV networks? 

A2: Yes, ABC is one of the “big three” US TV networks, alongside CBS and NBC.

Q3: Where is ABC’s headquarters located? 

A3: ABC’s headquarters is located in Burbank, California.

Q4: When was ABC originally launched, and as what type of network? 

A4: ABC was originally launched as a radio network in 1943.

Q5: How many viewers does ABC have in the US? 

A5: ABC has over 4 million viewers in the United States.

Q6: Is ABC available on Xfinity TV packages? 

A6: Yes, ABC is included with all Xfinity TV packages.

Q7: Do local broadcasting rights for ABC on Xfinity vary by region? 

A7: Yes, local broadcasting rights for ABC on Xfinity can differ from one region to another.

Q8: How many main Xfinity TV packages are there, and what are they called? 

A8: Xfinity offers three main TV packages: Choice TV (10+ channels), Popular TV (125+ channels), and Ultimate TV (185+ channels).

Q9: Do ABC’s channel numbers vary by location on Xfinity? 

A9: Yes, the channel numbers for ABC on Xfinity can vary depending on your location.

Q10: How can I find ABC’s channel number on Xfinity? 

A10: You can use Xfinity’s on-screen program guide, ask the Xfinity voice remote to tune to the ABC channel, or use the Xfinity channel search tool to find the ABC channel number by address.

A11: Some popular shows on ABC Channel include Grey’s Anatomy, The Bachelor, American Idol, Shark Tank, Dancing with the Stars, and The Rookie.

Q12: What are some features of Xfinity TV service? 

A12: Xfinity TV service offers features such as an on-demand library, Cloud DVR, streaming in 4K Ultra HD, voice remote control, and customizable channel packages.

Q13: Can you provide some examples of ABC channel numbers on Xfinity in different cities? 

A13: Sure, here are some examples:

  • Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma: 4, 104
  • Vancouver, WA: 2, 702
  • Portland, Salem: 2, 702
  • Eugene, OR: 9, 709
  • Utah (Salt Lake City): 4, 652, 1004
  • Minnesota: 5, 805
  • New Mexico: 7, 210
  • Florida: 431
  • California (San Francisco Bay Area): 7, 707
  • California (Sacramento/Central Valley): 10, 710
  • Atlanta: 3, 97, 803
  • Charleston, SC: 8, 431
  • Chicago: 7, 187
  • Washington, DC: 27, 807

Q14: Where can I get more information about Xfinity’s local channel lineup? 

A14: You can use the Xfinity channel search tool to find the ABC channel number by address.

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