What Channel is TBS on Xfinity?

TBS, owned by Warner Bros. Discovery, is a popular cable network with a variety of entertainment options. However, finding TBS’s channel number on Xfinity can be frustrating due to regional variations.

To help Xfinity subscribers, here is your 2023 guide for finding the channel number of TBS in your area. What Channel is TBS on Xfinity?

Key Takeaways – Summary

  • TBS channel is available in all three Xfinity packages: Choice, Popular, or Ultimate TV plans. However, the channel number varies depending on the region due to local broadcasting rights.
  • Best ways to find the TBS channel on your Xfinity TV:-
    • Ask your voice remote by pressing the microphone button to “tune in to the TBS channel”.
    • Check the channel lineup tool by your address.
    • Contact Xfinity customer service at 1-844-207-8721 for assistance in finding the TBS channel on Xfinity.
  • Here is a handy list of TBS Channel numbers with states and cities.
StateMajor CitiesTBS Channel #s
CaliforniaStatewide + Major Cities735, 35, 38, 24, 43
FloridaStatewide + Orlando, Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville421, 49, 43, 63, 17, 62
IndianaStatewide + Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Detroit, Grand Rapids1220, 196, 29, 25, 24, 30
MarylandStatewide + Baltimore, DC826, 31
VirginiaStatewide + Alexandria, Richmond826, 1434, 232
Washington DCArea-wide826
PennsylvaniaStatewide + Philadelphia, Pittsburgh826, 20, 24
MichiganDetroit, Grand Rapids196, 1220, 24, 30
New MexicoStatewide + Major Cities216, 43, 33
IllinoisStatewide + Chicago219, 47
ColoradoStatewide + Denver678, 18
GeorgiaStatewide + Atlanta39, 807, 1434
TennesseeStatewide1220, 1434
WashingtonSeattle, Spokane, Tacoma, Vancouver55, 664, 755
OregonPortland, Salem, Eugene755

Common TBS Channel Numbers on Xfinity

Before diving into all the channel number variations, here first is a quick look at the 12 most widespread TBS channels on Xfinity cable:

  • 196
  • 216
  • 219
  • 421
  • 674
  • 678
  • 735
  • 755
  • 759
  • 826
  • 1220
  • 1434

Channel 826 stands out in particular. It is the most universally available TBS channel for Xfinity across multiple states like PA, VA, and MD.

But depending on your region or city, you may instead need to tune to channel 219, 1434 or another number to watch TBS.

To view all Xfinity’s channel offerings in your area, including the correct TBS station – keep reading.

Finding What Channel TBS is on Xfinity

Since TBS’s channel position varies for Xfinity/Comcast subscribers, here is how to lookup exactly which channel it’s on for your area:

  • Visit Xfinity’s Local Channel Lineup page – The Channel Lineup tool page allows you to enter your ZIP code to pull up the exact channel lineup – including TBS’s channel number – for your location.
  • Contact Xfinity Customer Support – Alternatively, you can call Xfinity support at 1-800-XFINITY and speak to a representative. Give them your address and ZIP, and ask what channel TBS is in your channel package.
  • To find the TBS channel on Xfinity using the Xfinity Voice Remote (XR11, XR15, XR16, XRA), you can simply use the voice command feature. By pressing the microphone button on the remote and saying “TBS,” the Xfinity Voice Remote will open the TBS channel for you.  Remember, the Voice Remote is available to new and existing X1 and Flex customers.
  • Check the Xfinity TV Guide: Use your Xfinity remote control to access the TV Guide. Navigate through the channels to find the TBS channel. The channel number may vary depending on your location.
  • Use the Xfinity Mobile App: Download the Xfinity app on your mobile device. Open the app and navigate to the TV section. Browse through the channel listings to find TBS.

Once you confirm what channel TBS is on through either method, simply tune your TV to that station to start watching.

In case you are looking for other channels on Xfinity:

Do You Need an Xfinity Subscription for TBS?

TBS comes standard with even Xfinity’s basic cable TV packages. However, you do need an active Xfinity TV subscription that includes cable channels to receive TBS.

If you’re not yet an Xfinity customer, you can order service online and bundle TBS with Internet & cable packages starting at just $20/month for the first 12 months.

TBS Channel Numbers for Xfinity by State

Since we know TBS’s channel position differs across Xfinity’s three service regions, below are the most common TBS channels to help you start your search.

We’ve broken down the numbers by both state and major city so you can pinpoint exactly what channel TBS should be.

Here is a table summarizing TBS channel numbers by state and city for Xfinity:

StateCity/RegionTBS Channel Numbers
CaliforniaStatewide735, 35, 38, 24
CaliforniaSan Jose35
CaliforniaSan Francisco35
FloridaStatewide421, 49
FloridaWest Palm Beach49
FloridaFort Lauderdale43
FloridaCape Coral62
IndianaStatewide1220, 196
IndianaIndianapolis29, 1220
IndianaFort Wayne25, 1220
IndianaDetroit24, 196, 1220
IndianaGrand Rapids30, 196, 1220
Washington DCStatewide826
PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia20, 826
PittsburghStatewide24, 826
BaltimoreStatewide31, 826
VARichmond35, 232, 826
MichiganStatewide196, 1220
MichiganDetroit24, 196, 1220
MichiganGrand Rapids30, 196, 1220
New MexicoStatewide216
New MexicoSanta Fe43
New MexicoAlbuquerque43
New MexicoLas Cruces33
ColoradoDenver18, 678
GeorgiaStatewide39, 807, 1434
GeorgiaAtlanta39, 807
TennesseeStatewide1220, 1434
WashingtonSeattle55, 664
WashingtonSpokane55, 664
WashingtonTacoma55, 664
WashingtonVancouver55, 755

TBS on Xfinity in California

For California Xfinity subscribers, the three main TBS channels are:

  • Channel 735
  • Channel 35 (San Jose, SF, Oakland, Fremont)
  • Either channel 38 (Stockton, Modesto) or 24 (Fresno)

TBS Channel Numbers for Major California Cities:

  • San Jose: 35
  • San Francisco: 35
  • Oakland: 35
  • Fremont: 35
  • Stockton: 38
  • Modesto: 38
  • Fresno: 24
  • Sacramento: 43

TBS on Xfinity in Florida

In the Sunshine State, Florida Xfinity viewers can find TBS on primarily:

  • Channel 421
  • Channel 49 (Orlando, West Palm Beach)

But also check:

  • Channel 43 (Miami, Fort Lauderdale)
  • Channel 63 (Tallahassee)
  • Channel 17 (Jacksonville)
  • Channel 62 (Cape Coral)

TBS on Xfinity in Indiana

For Indiana Xfinity subscribers, TBS is on either channel 1220 or 196 in these Hoosier cities:

  • Indianapolis
  • Fort Wayne
  • Detroit
  • Grand Rapids

Extra regional channel options:

  • Indianapolis: 29, 1220
  • Fort Wayne: 25, 1220
  • Detroit: 24, 196, 1220
  • Grand Rapids: 30, 196, 1220

TBS on Xfinity in Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC

The mid-Atlantic area centered around Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC primarily carries TBS on Xfinity channel 826.

Backup options:

  • Philadelphia: 20, 826
  • Pittsburgh: 24, 826
  • Baltimore: 31, 826
  • Washington DC: 66, 826
  • Alexandria, VA: 35, 826, 1434
  • Richmond, VA: 35, 232, 826

TBS on Xfinity in Michigan

Michigan Xfinity users can tune into TBS on either channel 196 or 1220:

  • Detroit
  • Grand Rapids

Extra channel options for Michigan cities:

  • Detroit: 24, 196, 1220
  • Grand Rapids: 30, 196, 1220

TBS on Xfinity in New Mexico

For New Mexicans, TBS is on channel 216 for Xfinity cable throughout the state.

Additional channels:

  • Santa Fe, Albuquerque: 43
  • Las Cruces: 33

TBS on Xfinity in Illinois

In the Prairie State of Illinois, Xfinity subscribers can find TBS on:

  • Channel 219 statewide
  • Channel 47 (Chicago)

TBS on Xfinity in Colorado

Mile High city residents on Xfinity can tune into TBS on channel 678.

More Colorado + Mountain Time options:

  • Denver: 18, 678
  • Minneapolis, MN: 7, 442, 826

TBS on Xfinity in Georgia and Tennessee

Since TBS originated as an Atlanta TV station, Georgia Xfinity viewers have several options to access the channel:

  • Atlanta: 39, 807
  • Statewide: Channel 1434
  • Nashville, TN: Channel 1220 sometimes, 1434 other times

TBS on Xfinity in Other States

While less common than the major channel numbers listed already, TBS may also appear on the following channels for these states/cities:

  • Seattle, WA: 55, 664
  • Spokane, WA: 55, 664
  • Tacoma, WA: 55, 664
  • Vancouver, WA: 55, 755
  • Portland, OR: 755
  • Salem, OR: 755
  • Eugene, OR: 755

The Bottom Line on Locating TBS for Xfinity

TBS is a coveted cable channel offering movies, sitcoms, originals, and live sports enjoyed by almost 100 million viewers. But since TBS is on cable, Xfinity customers must check their ZIP code’s channel lineup to see exactly what channel TBS is on in their area to start watching popular shows.

While channel positions fluctuate based on your state and city, common TBS stations to check first are 196, 216, 219, 421, 674, 735, 826, and 1220. Use Xfinity’s Local Channel Lineup tool or contact customer service to pinpoint your region’s live channel.

Once you know which channel number to punch in, you’ll have endless entertainment at your fingertips from TBS’s blend of films, comedy reruns, competitive reality programming and more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About TBS on Xfinity

Below are answers to some common questions Xfinity subscribers have about accessing TBS:

What channel is TBS on Xfinity?

TBS is on multiple channels across Xfinity’s different regions, usually 196, 216, 219, 421, 674, 735, 826, or 1220. Use the ZIP code tool to check your area’s channel lineup.

What programming does TBS show?

A blend of Hollywood movies, classic sitcom reruns like Friends, original shows like Miracle Workers, and live sports.

Does TBS still air sports?

Yes! TBS broadcasts various MLB, NBA, NHL, NCAA basketball, and wrestling events throughout the year.

Who owns TBS?

TBS is owned by Warner Bros. Discovery after being purchased from previous owner AT&T. It started as an independent Atlanta station under Ted Turner.

How do I get TBS on Xfinity?

TBS comes with all Xfinity TV packages. New customers can add it by building a bundle with Internet & cable.

Why does TBS’s Xfinity channel vary?

Since it’s cable TV, TBS’s channel depends on your region unlike national network channels which stay consistent nationwide.

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