How to Lower Your Xfinity Bill – Practical Strategies

Have you noticed your Xfinity bill creeping up higher and higher? You are not alone if you’re wondering how to lower your Xfinity bill. Cable and internet costs have been rising rapidly, and many Xfinity customers have seen their monthly charges double after just a couple of years.

The good news is that you have options to fight back against these price hikes. We’ll cover seven proven tactics, like negotiating loyalty discounts and downgrading internet speeds you don’t need. Additional money-saving strategies involve eliminating equipment rental fees, utilizing cheap streaming services, and even qualifying for government subsidies.

Follow these tips, and an Xfinity bill reduced by 40-60% is feasible. Keep reading for specific instructions guaranteed to help you pay less.

Key Takeaways – Summary

  • Call Xfinity retention and persuade them to provide loyalty discounts
  • Reduce expenses by downgrading internet speeds and TV packages
  • Stop modem/router rental fees – buy your own compatible equipment
  • Switch to streaming TV with YouTube TV or Hulu to replace cable
  • Check eligibility for $30/month government ACP subsidies
  • Add Xfinity Mobile to get bundled pricing discounts
  • Lock in promo rates for 1-2 years by agreeing to contracts

Negotiate with the Xfinity Retention Department

The most effective way to get a discount on your Xfinity bill is to call up and negotiate with the Comcast retention department, also known as the loyalty department or cancellation unit.

Here are some tips for this approach:

  • Call 1-800-266-2278 – This is the direct number to reach Xfinity retention specialists.
  • Ask about “cancellation” – Say you want to cancel to get transferred, but don’t actually go through with it.
  • Be persistent and escalate – Try multiple reps and ask for supervisors/managers if needed.
  • Mention competitor deals – Use offers from AT&T, DirecTV, or Verizon to increase your leverage.
  • Have promotional details ready – Know which internet speeds and TV channels you want to keep.

With some persuasion and determination, Xfinity retention agents can provide deep loyalty discounts of $20-$60+ per month. It may take hitting roadblocks and speaking with multiple departments, but the savings make it worthwhile.

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Downgrade Internet Speeds or TV Packages

Take an honest look at whether you truly need ultra-fast gigabit internet speeds or hundreds of cable channels that never get watched. Overprovisioning is rampant, and scaling back services presents an easy way to slash your Xfinity costs.

Ask yourself:

  • How many people/devices are actively connected?
  • What internet speeds do you require for basic web browsing vs 4K streaming?
  • Can you live without niche sports, movie or lifestyle channels?

With Xfinity Flex and streaming options like Hulu + Live, you may find cheaper satisfaction going with lower speeds like 200 Mbps and streaming entertainment bundles rather than traditional cable TV packages. Know your usage and adjust services accordingly.

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Buy Your Own Equipment to Avoid Rental Fees

Those modem, router and cable box rental fees can really add up over the course of a year:

EquipmentMonthly Rental Fee
xFi Gateway (modem+router)$14-15
HD-DVR Set-Top Box$10
Digital Transport Adapter$7

Purchasing your own approved modem and router for around $120-$200 can save you hundreds of dollars over a multi-year period compared to renting. And avoiding fees for unused TV outlet boxes provides more savings.

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Use Streaming Devices to Cut the Cord

Tired of paying for channels and shows you never watch while bills go nowhere but up? Cutting the cord has gone mainstream, and streaming now presents a viable way to replicate – and even improve – your viewing experience.

Savings come from the significantly lower base package prices compared to traditional cable bundles. Although with the addition of internet service and possible premium subscriptions, costs can still add up:

ServiceMonthly Price
Internet + Modem$50+
YouTube TV$65
Netflix/Prime Video$9+

Cord-cutting reliance on consistent high-speed connectivity makes Xfinity internet preferable over flukey DSL. But services like YouTube TV grant freedom – and substantial savings – from old-school cable TV.

Apply for Government Subsidies Like the ACP

Run an eligibility check to see if you qualify for the federal Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), which issues up to a $30 monthly subsidy on internet bills for lower-income households.

The process is relatively simple – visit and provide details on any qualifying government assistance programs you’re enrolled in. Then sign up to receive the ACP discount on your monthly bill.

Between this subsidy and utilizing the other savings tactics provided above, it’s possible to get Xfinity internet service for free or extremely low out-of-pocket costs.

Add Xfinity Mobile Service

Bundling Xfinity Mobile phone service with your existing Xfinity internet can unlock savings. Xfinity Mobile utilizes Verizon’s cellular network and WiFi hotspots at discounted pricing for Xfinity internet subscribers.

Typical savings amount to $10-30 per month on your internet bill when you add lines. For example, by adding two lines on Xfinity Mobile for $30 total, they may discount your standalone $80 internet bill down to $60. These bundled service offers vary, so check what deals they currently have.

Just be aware that the savings requires you to keep both services long-term. And all the typical cell phone plan considerations like data needs and device costs apply to Xfinity Mobile as well. But it presents another avenue to chip away at your overall monthly costs.

Lock in Discounts with Service Contracts

While signing contracts reduces flexibility, agreeing to keep Xfinity services for 1 or 2 years lets you lock in promotional pricing. Discounts for multi-year commitments typically range from $20-50 lower per month.

The catch is ETFs (early termination fees) that can run over $200 if you cancel early. However, Xfinity generally waives ETFs for things like moving outside their coverage area.

If you know you won’t change addresses soon, contracts allow you to reap savings beyond the standard 6-12-month teaser deals. Just be sure to re-evaluate come renewal time before prices jump significantly.

Other Notable Savings Tips

Here are a few other miscellaneous ways readers have managed to shave money off their Xfinity bills:

  • File billing disputes for erroneous fees and missed credits
  • Downgrade internet speeds temporarily to trigger “upgrade” offers
  • Use online chat vs. phone for better promo deals in some cases
  • Ask for one-time courtesy credits of around $50 whenever possible
  • Return unused equipment like additional cable boxes
  • Purchase refurbished prior-generation modems to save upfront


Being persistent and employing multiple techniques here can potentially slash your Xfinity bill in half. Stop overpaying and take control with these proven methods for getting a better deal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best way to lower my Xfinity bill?

Calling Xfinity retention at 1-800-266-2278 and threatening to cancel unless they provide a loyalty discount is most effective. Mention competitor offers and be persistent through multiple reps if needed.

Will my bill keep rising every year?

Most likely yes, as they bank on you not taking action. New customer promos will also typically expire and bump costs after 6-12 months. Being proactive is key.

What if I bundle multiple Xfinity services?

Bundling double or triple play packages can help lower individual service costs, but your total monthly bill might stay about the same or even rise. Avoid unused services that effectively just pad fees.

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