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Category Switching

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Spanning-tree Guard Root

STP RootGuard Feature §Root guard is useful in avoiding Layer 2 loops during network anomalies. The Root guard feature forces an interface to become a designated port to prevent surrounding switches from becoming root bridges. §Root guard-enabled ports are forced…

3560/3550 Recovery Procedure

3560/3550 Recovery Procedure———————————— Connect a PC to the console port of the switch, Use a terminal emulation program such as Microsoft Windows HyperTerminal in order to establish the console session. These are the settings: Bits per second: 9600 Data bits:…

Dot1x Authentication

Dot1x Authentication ————————– Recently i have configured the Dot1x authentication in my network, thought of posting on my blog. It is a cool feature,with Dot1x authentication we can provide added security at the access layer switches of the network,it uses…