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Here is a summary of the WCS to Prime Infrastructure migration process:   1. Order a WCS to PI 1.2 migration. The correct product ID is: R-W-PI12-M-K9 Under this product ID, you will be able to select 0-priced capacity licenses. Please select a combination of these, so that the total number of licenses matches the […]

Before diving into configuration let me first describe what AAA is all about. AAA stands  for authentication, authorization and accounting, a system in IP-based networking to control what computer resources (routers,switches, firewalls, wireless access points, WLC, WCS)  users have access to and to keep track of the activity of users over a network. Authentication is […]

HP Switch IRF

Apr 20

IRF:- IRF stands for Intelligent Redundant Framework. It is similar technology like cisco uses in 6500 series product named as VSS (Virtual Switching System) or Juniper QFabric. Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF) is an advanced technology that allows  to aggregate 2 or more switches into a single switching and routing system also known as a “virtual […]

We are working on the following network diagram. In order to properly work with my existing CCIE security lab i needed a valid ntp server in my virtual LAN, i decided to use windows 2003 box as ntp server for my cisco routers, switches and other linux machines running with the help of GNS3, Virtual […]

Information about Security Context We can partition a single ASA into multiple virtual devices, known as security contexts. Each context is an independent device, with its own security policy, interfaces, and administrators. Multiple contexts are similar to having multiple standalone devices. Many features are supported in multiple context mode, including routing tables, firewall features, IPS, and […]

As we have already installed Backtrack as our Virtual Machine here now this is the time to explore more , how about becoming anonymous on the web, however the reality behind the Anonymity is really complex to explain, there are  EYES watching us every time and noting down our every movement on the web. In […]

We will be working on following topology. First of all we gather requirement for our ClientLess VPN, the requirement portion is  inspired by the Keith CBT video. Requirement: Type of VPN:- Clientless VPN Randon machines on Internet They all support global PKI (SSL) Not managed by company Stage 1 Group Level: Banner message: No Custom […]

In this tutorial i will show you how to install Backtrack 5 R3 in Vmware workstation 8, it is recently  released by offensive security team and it is used by penetration testers world wide. Installation is easy just follow given simple steps. Requirements 1 : Download backtrack ISO from here 2 :  Download VMware Workstation or  VMplayer 3 : […]

This exercise has been completed on Nexus 7K titanium emulator. I am running two N7K titanium machines inside vmware workstation and have connected 7 network adapters to emulate the physical interfaces in N7K, i am using titanium emulator version 5.2.1, if you are curious to know about the N7K titanium emulator and how to install […]

This lab has been completed on Nexus 7010 with following hardware and software installed, it can be seen here in my previous post. In this task we will configure ACLs using the atomic programming feature of Cisco NX-OS Software. In addition, we will investigate the method used to modify, validate and re sequence ACLs. Step […]