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This exercise has been done on Nexus 7010 chassis with following pieces installed:- Dual supervisor modules, dual power supplies, dual system fans, dual fabric fans, and three fabric modules per chassis. One 48-port 1 Gigabit Ethernet I/O module per chassis. One 32-port 10 Gigabit Ethernet I/O module per chassis with SFP+ SR optical transceivers installed. […]

            Data Center Architecture High Level Overview:- Components:- 1. Data Center Networking 2.Application Networking 3.Data Center Security 4.Unified Computing System 5.Unified Fabric 6.Storage Networking 7.Operations & Management 8.Services Component 9.Branch Operations Overview Of Each Component and Devices Used:- 1.Data Center Networking:- Data Center networking accesses services and connectivity at the […]

Data Center Migration is one of the challenging job in networking world, and the reason behind this we have less documentation available online for this. Recently i did DC migration for a client in Vancouver, Canada. Below are the main highlights, i will be writing more in detail soon. 1. Network:-The first objective is to […]


Apr 23

Gateway Load Balancing Protocol (GLBP) is a Cisco proprietary protocol that attempts to overcome the limitations of existing redundant router protocols by adding basic load balancing functionality. In addition to being able to set priorities on different gateway routers, GLBP allows a weighting parameter to be set. Based on this weighting (compared to others in […]

One of the most confusing topics that i have read in my CCIE studies is 3560 Queuing and Scheduling.In 3550 queues are interface based however in 3560 queues are chassis based. Because the total inbound bandwidth of all ports can exceed the bandwidth of the internal ring, ingress queues are located after the packet is […]

Today i faced a situation in which i have to mail Cisco Nexus “Show tech-support” to Cisco TAC, the output was very long as it was taking 15 minutes to display the entire output on the screen and i was not able to copy the entire content in one go, i searched the internet and […]

Bridging for me is simply straightforward here in Bridging we are NOT rewriting the Layer 3 packet simply forwarding  the Layer 3 information in Layer 2 frame intact from one end to other. Today we are discussing Bridging same subnet over the WAN links , however i have taken the subnet in different VLANs just […]

Here i have taken a simple topology R1 is connecting directly over Serial 0/0 link to BB1 , and as we know we dont have much access to Backbone routers in LAB , what if we dont know the EIGRP AS number of Neighbouring router. R1 ——S0/0———BB1 The ip address used between R1 and BB1 […]

Today we will discuss not so explored cisco outstanding feature OER/Pfr and see how it can monitor and make decisions on its own and route  traffic on the best available path in terms of jitter,delay,bandwidth consumption,etc.. I have taken a simple GNS3 topology,here R1 is serving as Master Controller(MC) the core brain of the OER/Pfr […]

Today we will be discussing MSDP with BGP ipv4 multicast address-family. The topology is simple we have taken four routers R1 in BGP AS 1 , R5 in BGP AS 5 and R2,R3,R4 are in confederation 64511, our goal is to move multicast traffic from R1 to R5 , we are running Multicast Sparse-mode and […]